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"There is only one good: knowledge. There is only one evil, ignorance"


To generate enough research in order to provide data on interventions with the goal to improve these and create good practice guides through them is a keystone in this project.

Intervention by the Montessori Method:

Given the heterogeneity of people with advanced dementia, it is necessary to evaluate the results of the intervention in order to optimize them. For achieving this goal, every six months the following psychological and functional tests GDS / FAST Reisberg, BARTHEL, NPI, Cohen Mansfield and BRS will be passed. And an evaluation with a specific instrument designed for the project will take place every two months.

Design of environments:

To achieve a design that meets the needs for people with advanced dementia, it is not enough to make an analysis from a purely medical point of view focused on the patient's problems. As proposed by Saray Herrera (2010), it is necessary to investigate, from ergonomics, the needs for these people related to their environment.

For this reason a study is taking place on the needs for these people focused on dignity, warmth and beauty.

The ultimate goal is to suggest recommendations, supported by the study´s data on how to improve the environment for people with advanced dementia in nursing homes.